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The bioinformatics platform has a multidisciplinary team of professionals and computing equipment for high-performance computing and data storage to assist researchers in their projects.

Our team has a wide range of expertise in the analysis of genomics, structural biology and proteomics data.

We are working on the development of original solutions in the processing of genetic data requiring advanced computing and programming techniques.

Our Team regularly collaborates with researchers to provide technical training and expertise in bioinformatics to use supercomputers and carry out their research.

The team works with IBIS researchers as well as researchers from Laval University and external organizations (Universities, governments, private organizations).


Genomics analysis

  • Search for genetic variants using the Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) approach with or without a reference genome
  • Genomes assembly
  • Transcriptome assembly
  • Similarity search (BLAST)
  • Sequence files handling
  • Methylation search (on nanopore sequences)
  • Sequences annotation

The person responsible for these analyzes is Jérôme Laroche.

Proteins analysis

  • Prediction of protein function from sequence : pattern, active site, etc.
  • Protein structure modeling by homology, threading or ab initio.
  • Molecular docking : protein-ligand, protein-peptide and protein-protein.
  • Structure-function relationships of antimicrobial peptides.
  • Predicting the structural-functional impact of protein mutations.
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of proteins (GROMACS).

The person responsible for these analyzes is Halim Maaroufi.

Metagenomic analysis

The person responsible for these analyzes is Halim Maaroufi.

IT services

  • Compiling / Installing / Updating software
  • Help with using a Linux account and compute servers
  • Increased partition storage space
  • Data archiving on tape
  • Hosting and system administration of servers under Linux
  • Development / Modification of scripts, software, web pages
  • Database administration

The person responsible of these services is Stéphane Larose.


  • Analysis of rRNA 16S and ITS genes with MOTHUR and QIIME-2
  • Protein structure modeling by homology, threading or ab initio.

The person responsible for these training is Halim Maaroufi.

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