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The IBIS Bioinformatics Platform is a multidisciplinary team of professionals at the service of researchers. The platform provides bioinformatics analysis services and high-performance computing and data storage equipment.

We work with researchers at IBIS and Université Laval, as well as with external researchers (universities, governments, private organizations).

Vision and mission

Our team’s goal is to accelerate research in the fields of environment, agriculture, forestry, human health, as well as fundamental research.

Through high-quality analyses, computing infrastructure and support, we contribute to genomics and proteomics projects that have a positive impact on society.

Our team

Eric Normandeau

  • Platform Manager
  • Genomics Analyst

Halim Maaroufi

  • Proteomics / Metagenomics Analyst

Stéphane Larose

  • IT Administrator

Jérôme Laroche

  • Genovalia coordinator


For any request concerning these services, please contact us at

For more details, click on the following categories:


  • Genotyping By Sequencing (GBS)
  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
  • Transcriptomics (RNA-seq, with reference)
  • Custom analyses and pipeline development
  • Sequence similarity search
  • Genome assembly


  • Eukaryote eDNA metabarcoding (12S, COI…)
  • Bacterial and fungal metabarcoding (16S, 18S et ITS)
  • Bacterial eDNA metabarcoding (shotgun)
  • Phylogenetics reconstruction


  • Predicting protein functions from sequences
  • Modeling 3D protein structure by homology, threading or ab initio
  • Molecular docking: protein-ligand, protein-peptide and protein-protein
  • Structure-function relationship of antimicrobial peptides
  • Predicting the structural and functional impacts of mutations
  • Protein molecular dynamics simulations (GROMACS)
  • Sequence annotation

Informatics services

  • Compiling / Installing / Updating software
  • Support for user accounts and server usage
  • Linux servers hosting and administration
  • Development and modification of scripts, software, web pages
  • Managing group partitions and storage
  • Maintaining and updating databases
  • Tape archiving


  • Analyses of 16S and ITS rRNA genes with MOTHUR and QIIME-2
  • 3D protein modeling and docking


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