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IBIS is a research environment “par excellence” to acquire multidisciplinary scientific training where researchers from four faculties (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Geography, and Geomatics, Faculty of Agriculture and Food, and Faculty of Medicine) collaborate and share resources, findings, and knowledge. Their expertise is recognized at the provincial, national, and international levels. Students participate in innovative research projects in an environment that promotes learning and collaboration.


IBIS is a group of researchers who combine genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics approaches with experimental and field-based studies. They study fundamental biological and evolutionary processes from molecular structure and interactions, through cell functions, the microbiome, population structure, all the way up to ecosystems dynamics. The IBIS core mission consists of:

  • Understanding fundamental biological and evolutionary processes through fundamental research
  • Appling this knowledge to innovation in various fields of applications such as new bioinformatics algorithms, human and animal health, food production, the fight against climate change, environmental protection and the conservation of biodiversity
  • Contributing to the training of highly qualified personnel
  • Ensuring the transmission of knowledge to a wide audience


IBIS is a key player in fundamental and applied integrative biology and an attractive place for graduate students, all in an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.


  • Stimulating and pleasant work environment
  • Excellence of research
  • Shared resources and knowledge
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Creativity and innovation

Council and Committees

The organizational and decision-making structure of the IBIS includes the Institute Committee, the Scientific and Steering Committee, the Researcher Assembly, Scientific Platform Subcommittees and other subcommittees of the Institute.

The Executive Committee of Laval University appoints the members. In addition to members from the university community, it includes two external members who are internationally renowned scientific experts. This council ensures the implementation of the Institute’s mission.

The Institute Council appoints the members. This committee assists the director in the implementation of the Institute’s scientific program.

The subcommittees ensure that the various scientific platforms are functioning without problems. They maintain state-of-the-art facilities and upgrade equipment and protocols. They ensure the accessibility of the platform to students and researchers and prioritize access. They act under the authority of the Director of the Institute.

  • Imaging and Microscopy Subcommittee
  • Genomic Analysis Subcommittee
  • Bioinformatics Subcommittee

The committee is comprised of students and postdoctoral fellow enrolled at the Institute and is involved in the organization of symposia, seminars, Metasciences Day, and the IBIS Student Day.

These sub-committees aim to maintain a dynamic, pleasant, and stimulating work environment for students, researchers, and research professionals. They organize conferences, seminars, meetings, and analyze and review articles.

  • IBIS Conference Subcommittee
  • Interlab IBIS Subcommittee
  • Equity, Diversity and International Inclusion Subcommittee (EDII)

Organizational chart

Ibis Organizational chart

Scientific Store

The IBIS is also responsible for the scientific store located in the Vachon Building (Laval University). The scientific store provides a variety of chemicals and laboratory supplies and serves the entire community of Laval University.


Steve Charette
Office 4245
Tel.: 418 656-2131 Ext: 406914

Administrative coordinatorsteve
Steve Grimard
Office 1206A
Tel.: 418 656-7896

Aurélie Haffner
Office 1206
Tel.: 418 656-3933

Executive assistant
Valérie Paquet
Office 4204
Tel.: 418 656-2131 Ext: 405391

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