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Research at IBIS

IBIS researchers and their teams of research assistants, students, and post-doctoral fellows perform studies that combine different scientific approaches, including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bio-informatics, with both experimental and field-based studies.

They study fundamental biological and evolutionary processes at all levels of organization from structural and molecular interactions, through cell function, the microbiome, population structure, all the way up to ecosystems dynamics.

Their objectives are to apply their knowledge to drive innovation in human and animal health, food production, the fight against climate change, environmental protection, and conservation of biodiversity.

IBIS researchers collaborate with each other and with numerous institutions including companies from Quebec, Canada, and around the world. Their research findings are published in the best scientific journals in their respective fields. Each year, many companies, departments, and government agencies rely on the expertise of our researchers for knowledge transfer and innovation.

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