get a bioinfo account

Obtain an account on the IBIS bioinformatics servers

Explanations concerning the subscription conditions

  • Access to the IBIS calculation servers is chargeable and strictly reserved for regular IBIS researchers and members of their team.
  • The cost of an account is $350 and is valid for a period of 1 year.
  • The IBIS servers are located in the Computer Infrastructure Center (CII) of the Telecommunications and Information Department (DTI) of Laval University. They are in the network factory of Valeria, that’s why it is necessary to have an account at Valeria to use them. This also allows access to Valeria’s services directly from the IBIS servers.
  • To use an account you must have disk space on the servers. This is payable at a cost of $450/1 Tb.
  • For software, we use Compute Canada’s CVM-FS system. This means that to obtain the installation or the update of a software, you must make a request to Compute Canada. This implies that you must have a valid account. Here you will find the CC software documentation

Steps to complete to get an account

  1. If you are a student or employee of a researcher:
    1. get approval from your supervisor
    2. check that your group already has a disk space partition, otherwise you will have to buy one.
  2. Complete and submit the IBIS registration form1
  3. Complete and submit the Valeria’s registration form
  4. Request an account at Compute Canada

1Don’t forget to specify the type of account you want: bioinformatics

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