Biobars Scientific Store

Biobars Scientific Store

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The Biobars Scientific Store, a unit of the Institute for Integrative Biology and Systems (IBIS) at Laval University, is a warehouse store that offers scientific products including a diversity of laboratory supplies, chemicals, and Biobars products.

The purpose of the scientific store is to support you in your research projects while offering you a personalized service by allowing you to obtain supplies and products in interesting formats at low costs. We make this possible by consolidating orders for supplies or products that are not under agreement with the university. The Biobars Scientific Store is an integral part of Laval University and complies with the various contractual agreements of the Finance Service Supply Department for the acquisition of most of the laboratory products at its disposal.

When you purchase products through the Scientific Store Biobars, located at the Alexandre-Vachon Building on Laval University at local 0471Z, you will benefit from free delivery on-campus and to Laval University’s affiliated centers such as the various centers of the Quebec Region.

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Mathieu Fréchette

Pavillon Alexandre Vachon

Local 0262

Tel : 418 656 2131 ext. 408191

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