Ilga Porth

Ilga Porth, Département des sciences du bois et de la forêt

Institut de biologie Intégrative et des systèmes
Pavillon Charles-Eugène Marchand
Local 2165
Tel. 418-656-2131 ext. 408185


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My long-term research program is related to the elucidation of the genetic underpinnings of wood quality traits in the context of tree improvement with a wider focus on wood component valorization. I also perform research on understanding and improving biotic and abiotic stress resilience in forest tree species. Based on my training as a biochemist, I have a broad interest in genomics and in various organisms and therefore I have recently started to investigate the genetic basis of invasiveness attributes of several serious alien forest pests in Canada. Related to my research in forest genomics, I have profound interest to help support the economic potential of forest genomics in Canada.

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